Buyer's Closing Cost Calculator

Buyers Closing Cost Analysis
AssumptionsMailing and Telephone Charges
Selling Price of PropertyFreight and Express Mail
Down PaymentFederal Express
Mortgage  Telephone
Mortgage RateTotal  
Days Interest PayableMortgage Costs
Professional FeesPoints  
BrokerDocument Fees
Title Searcher
InspectorMiscellaneous Fees
Other ProfessionalsTax Service Fee
Total  Recording Fees
Property Owners Association
InsuranceOther Fees
Hazard InsuranceTotal  
Flood Insurance
Title InsuranceCredits
Other InsuranceProperty Owners Association
Total  Taxes
Flood Insurance
Escrow AccountsSeller Assumed Costs
Insurance EscrowOther Credits
Tax EscrowTotal  
Other Escrow
Total  Summary
Net Payable at Closing (est.) $-   
Closing Cost as a % of Mortgage

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